Monday, December 16, 2013

And it's GREEN!!!

OK, time to get back into it, I've been slacking WAY to long...

I ordered these a bit ago from Real World Cycling.. but the size to fit my bike doesn't come in green  :(  well was Joking with Chris about them not coming in green to match the Voodoo canzo and he said,. "I'm sending a bunch of stuff out to get green ano next week, if ya don't mind waiting I'll just have them do one of that size for ya in green"  AWESOME!!! It's soooo gunna look cool on the Swamp Green Voodoo Canzo
It's minus the RWC etched logo so I feel I owe him a bit of thanks and promotion on his really spectacular customer service!! The 2 upper items are the tools to remove and install and the lower piece is the actual item...

Can ya guess what it is?  (should be obvious to most)

A full install and review to follow!!


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