Monday, October 22, 2012

The Manitou Manual

OK, did the spring replacement on my Manitou Tower Pro fork. It's FAR from hard, but the stock service manual covers all kinds of odd things and gets you doing thing you don't need to as well as has a lot of mis-information for this fork do to the generalization of it covering all their forks. Anyway, after doing mine I wrote this quick reference manual to help others walk through the simple task of switching out springs to fine tune their Manitou Tower Pro Fork... The Manitou Tech have even gone over it and stated it's really good with better info than they give.. :)

Still needs some spelling/wording/odd ball fixing but should give you a much clearer view of the process and how easy it really is to install a tuned spring in the fork.

Manitou Tower Spring Manual

Video to follow soon!!!

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